5 Best Fashion Styles for Girls

What is the style of dress that girls like the most? Not that we are dressed for them, it’s just that it’s nice to know what they think about what we use everyday.

T-shirts and jeans

Often, girls compete to wear the best and most modest clothes to attract the opposite sex. Ironically, it’s not the style of dress that most guys like about you. According to men, it is precisely the style that is relaxed and casual which often makes their eyes glide at you.

T-shirts and jeans are the easiest way for you to get a relaxed and casual style. You don’t need to spend so much effort because surely these two fashion items are always in your closet. On the other hand, the combination of shirts and jeans looks classic, and deserves to be worn by anyone.

If you still want to look chic with a casual style, just mix basic color tank tops like black or beige with an outer cardigan, shirt or blazer. This alloy will also look fun for you to wear to campus, and can help you get around campus rules that don’t allow you to wear t-shirts.

A combination of motifs or colors

At present, it is not uncommon to see green shirts combined with blue blazers – or striped clothing that are juxtaposed with plaid subordinates. There is nothing wrong with this ‘fusion’ trend, provided that you have the ability to integrate it well. But if you don’t have the ability and just follow the trend, the boys say it’s better, you don’t have to.

The ability of girls to combine colors or clothing motifs well is an added point for boys. According to them, whatever style of dress as long as the colors and motifs are well combined will still look attractive.

Skirt or Mini dress

Even though you like a simple and casual style, occasionally guys like to see girls in a slightly feminine style. Especially when you’re going out on a date with him. Your daily style only wears a shirt and jeans, suddenly turns more girly on a Saturday night.

Don’t feel offended first when his eyes widen at you. It’s not an expression of disappointment because your style changes, but it’s amazed that you look much sweeter than usual.

Adjust to the style or character of the body

You know, surely you girls almost all complain about your weight. About the shape of the body which (he said) is too big, the body is not as slender, to the skin color that is not as bright as Korean artists. In your opinion, the shortcomings make you not look beautiful and not suitable to wear all types of clothing available. But do you know? According to guys, just the opposite!

The real guys don’t really care about your physical shortcomings, especially after he knows you well. The “imperfect” physique can be overcome by various tricks. For example, for big ones, focus on the waist and avoid clothes that are too tight. Or for those with dark skin, wear brightly colored clothes so that your skin also looks radiant. Using the right clothes, although not in accordance with the trends, will still make you look attractive and fashionable, how come! Well, there’s no reason untuk to complain about your body?

Simple Dress

If you ask about the style of clothing that is liked by men, maybe this is the most appropriate answer. They have never had a problem with the way you dress, as long as it can be adjusted to the event you are visiting or the activities that you follow. Surely they will comment that you go to campus using high heels and short skirts. The reason is because the campus is a place to learn not to spread the charm. They will also comment if you go to a wedding reception in a shirt, jeans and sneakers. This is an official event, why only wear everyday clothes?

Well, that’s the style of dress for girls who are loved by boys. So, for you girls, don’t hesitate to find your most comfortable style and foster your confidence. With confidence, you are able to carry yourself well and eventually it will look so attractive!