5 Clean and Healthy Facial Cleansing Tools

Having clean, healthy and bright facial skin is every woman’s dream. There are also many ways to clean the face of one by using the hand. But do you know that cleaning your face with your hands is not enough, especially for those of you who often use makeup and activities outside. You need a special facial cleanser to help clean it deeply. Now many types of facial cleansers ranging from brushes, sponges to silicone ones. Everything can be adjusted to the needs of your skin. The following are recommendations for facial cleansers:

Foreo Luna

The first facial cleanser from the Foreo brand. The beauty enthusiasts are certainly familiar with the beauty of this gadget. Foreo is famous for various types of automatic cleansing brushes with soft silicone ingredients and has t-sonic technology that is safe for the skin. T-sonic technology is able to optimally clean away dead skin cells and penetrate deep into the skin layer. This facial cleanser is non-abrasive, soft, easy to clean and anti-bacterial. Foreo has a variety of cleansing brushes that you can buy according to your skin needs, your favorite budget and color. This tool also comes with energetic colors and pastel colors, washing your face becomes even more fun. In addition, it is suitable for carrying when traveling because of its size only in the palm of the hand.

Clarisonic Cleansing Face Brush

In the second place there is the Clarisonic brand that is suitable for all types of skin, even for sensitive skin. You don’t need to worry about your skin being irritated, because Clarisonic has a soft brush and is equipped with sonic vibration that can work to clean up the remaining make up, dirt and oil on the face. One of his favorites from the Clarisonic series is Clarisonic Mia. If used regularly, then you can see an increase in cell turnover, the skin becomes smoother and softer.


Similar to Foreo, this time facial cleanser is a local product whose performance is also ready to make your face cleaner. Made from bacteria that is bacteria-free and hygienic and has adjustable vibration technology. Kleura is claimed to be able to clean the face from dirt and make up, improve blood circulation, smooth skin texture, reduce pimples and blackheads. On the back there is a charging port and there is an anti aging section too. You can choose three colors, Tosca, Pink and Black.

Jacquelle Face Brush

There are other products made from cleaning brush that are also able to clean your face twice as clean as washing your face with your hands. This facial cleanser has two front and back sides. The front is a soft bristle brush that is able to clean and improve facial texture. The back is a silicone cleansing pad that helps to remove dead skin cells so that the facial texture becomes smoother. Interested in trying it? Don’t worry because this face brush is priced at a pretty affordable price.

Konjac Sponge

Surely you are familiar with one of these facial cleansers. This tool is very economical and you can easily get it at beauty shops. In addition to brushes and silicone, there is a choice of sponge known as konjac sponge, this tool is a sponge that comes from plants and was created specifically to cleanse the face. Its texture is like jelly or chewy which is ready to clean the skin deeply or deep cleansing. In addition, this tool is able to prevent blackheads, zits and is able to balance pH. The price is also very affordable.