5 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circle Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes, or known as panda eyes can make your appearance look dull, tired, and lethargic. Especially if accompanied by eye bags that are quite noticeable. Panda eyes themselves can be caused by various things ranging from lack of sleep, lifestyle, to genetic or hereditary factors. Here are 5 powerful ways to get rid of Dark Circle that are worth trying.

Paste the Green Tea Bag

You don’t need to use a new tea bag to disguise dark circle under your eyes. The remnants of tea extract on used tea bag sacs are enough to deal with dark circles at the bottom of the eye. After all, green tea itself is known to be good for consumption because of its antioxidant content.

You can make green tea in the morning, then store the tea bags in the refrigerator. If needed, you can just stick the used green tea bags in the area under the eyes. Let stand about 20 minutes, then wash your face with clean water.

Basically, all types of tea can be used to disguise pandas. However, green tea is most often recommended for dealing with pandas. Green tea is one source of natural caffeine that can make blood circulation around the eyes smooth. Thus, dark circles or pandas may be obscured.

Compress with cold spoon

Actually you can also use ice cubes to compress the bottom of the eye to get rid of the dark circle. However, for some people liquid from molten ice can be quite messy. Using a cold spoon can be an alternative choice.

You can store a pair of stainless steel spoons into the freezer to then stick to the closed eyes. The cold temperature on the spoon is effective enough to make the skin at the bottom of the eye more relaxed. If you don’t have a refrigerator, you can also put a spoon in a container of ice water for a few minutes.

Use Sleeping Mask or Eye Cream Before Sleeping

Sleeping mask is a type of mask that is deliberately formulated to wear while sleeping. The sleeping mask’s texture tends to be more rich because the skin has a long enough time to absorb the product. The types of sleeping masks on the market today are even more specific and refer to the needs of your skin. There are sleeping masks that are used for the whole face, but some are specifically used for the lips and eyes. Special eye products are created so that the bottom of the eye is always moist and well hydrated.

To deal with dark circle, use a sleeping mask that is specially formulated for the eyes like Laneige’s eye sleeping mask. You can also use an under eye mask that is placed on the bottom of the eye. Under eye mask is usually made of gel or collagen material that feels cold when it is attached to the bottom of the eye.

Using eye cream before going to bed can also be the right solution for dark circle under your eyes. Unlike the sleeping mask that must be used while sleeping, eye cream can actually be used on various occasions. Unfortunately sometimes the eye cream feels too “heavy” when used during the day. No wonder because the skin in the area under the eyes tends to be thin so that it is easily dry and wrinkled. Because it tends to be “heavy”, apply it thinly but evenly. Whatever product you use, make sure you are always painstaking and consistent in using it so that you will get maximum results.

Use a Concealer

Concealer is one of the beauty products commonly used to correct imperfections in the skin of the face. These imperfections can be acne scars, scars, uneven skin tones, and of course dark circle under your eyes. Concealer is very suitable for those of you who have dark circle under your eyes because of genetic factors aka heredity.

Choose a concealer with color according to the skin color and foundation you wear. Using a concealer that is too bright or dark will make your face look unnatural. Flatten it with a ring finger and tap it gently, then smooth it again with a beauty sponge. Avoid rubbing movements because your concealer can actually be shifted and erased. If it is completely integrated with the face, overwrite it with powder so that the concealer is more durable.

Cover with Corrector

Besides concealer, you can also have a corrector that can also be used to remove dark circle under your eyes. As with concealer, corrector has a color that is not always with skin color. Corrector can be green, peach, yellow, even purple. The use of corrector is chosen if the concealer and foundation are considered unable to cover the dark circle under your eyes.

The color of the corrector commonly used to cover the panda is brown. If the dark colors on the eyes are still not completely covered, use a peach color for a more optimal closing power. After using the corrector, make sure you keep putting it back on the foundation and locking it with powder. The goal is to make the color of makeup on the bottom more fused with the original skin color.


Yup, that’s the way to deal with dark circles under your eyes. Whether by natural means or with the help of skincare, there are always efforts that need to be taken so that the appearance is always fresh and maximum. However, keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Make sure your sleep time is always enough and your body is always well hydrated by drinking water regularly and maintaining the intake of other nutrients.