7 Tips for Treating Dry Facial Skin

The owner of dry skin is usually faced with several problems such as skin peeling, dullness, and wrinkles. This condition often creates a feeling of discomfort and can even reduce self-confidence. For those of you who feel experiencing this problem, there’s no need to worry. The following are some powerful tips for treating dry skin, especially on the face.

Choose the Right Facial Wash

Cleansing the face is certainly a routine that should not be missed, including for the owners of dry skin. Facial wash in the form of facial wash is often an option to remove dust and dirt that is attached after doing activities all day. For some people, cleaning the face with a facial wash that produces abundant foam at a glance can create a maximum clean face. However, most wash facials that produce lots of foam can actually make facial moisture more eroded. This is because the content of SLS, aka Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, is often found in various cleaning products such as toothpaste to detergents. SLS is known to be able to effectively destroy oil and dust so that it is suitable for those of you who have oily skin types. Meanwhile, the owner of dry skin will actually feel a facial sensation “interested” because the facial skin becomes increasingly dry. Your dry skin can even experience irritation or itching.

Although not all facial wash products with abundant foam are always bad for dry skin, you must always pay attention to the ingredients contained in them. Better, choose a mild facial wash that also contains moisturizer. Also, avoid washing your face too often so that the natural oil on your face does not dry out more. Also avoid washing your face with water that is too hot because it can remove the skin’s natural moisture.

Rely on Oil-Based Products

Dry skin tends to not be able to produce moisturizers in the form of natural facial oils in sufficient quantities. This can make the face look dull and prone to wrinkles. Using beauty products that contain oil can be a mainstay for treating dry skin. Some types of natural oils such as olive oil and grapeseed oil can even be applied to the skin to keep it moist. At present there are already quite a number of brands that have facial oil products or face oils so that the formulation has been adjusted to the needs of your facial skin.

Use Night Cream Routinely

Nighttime is the perfect time to treat your dry skin. After undergoing all the tiring activities all day and cleaning your face, applying night cream is a routine that should not be missed for those of you who have dry skin. Night creams generally have a richer texture because this product is formulated to be used throughout the night when sleeping. In the morning, your facial skin will certainly feel more moist because it is well hydrated.

Diligently Use a Sheet Mask

A sheet mask is one of the beauty products that is practically practical because it is only placed on the face that has been cleaned. Masks that are booming in Korea can be an option for treating dry skin because of the serum content that can make the face feel chewy because it is well hydrated. At present, not only Korean brands have sheet mask products. Local brands such as Emina and drugstores like Garnier also have flagship sheet masks which are certainly easier to find on the market or shopping centers. You just choose a sheet mask that best suits your skin needs.

Use Sunscreen

Whatever your skin type, sunscreen is a product that must be worn every day. This product can protect facial skin from exposure to UV light which can cause cancer and sunburn. Regular use of sunscreen is also important for the owner of dry skin because sunlight can also make the face become more dry. For maximum protection, use a sunscreen for at least 30 minutes before you go outside. Apply evenly, then let it soak into the skin. You may also override it with make up if you feel it is necessary.

Don’t Forget to Use Moisturizer

Efforts to treat dry skin are certainly not enough if only done at night, whether just by night cream or sheet mask. For those of you who work in air-conditioned rooms, using moisturizers is an obligation so that the skin of the face is not susceptible to dryness and dull appearance. Facial moisturizers are generally lighter than night cream. In fact, moisturizers are not only shaped and textured. There is also a form of toner or known as a hydrating toner that is formulated to provide and maintain facial skin to keep it moist. Use moisturizer on the face that has been cleaned before overwriting it with makeup. Avoid moisturizers that contain alcohol because it can make the skin become more dry. Alcohol can absorb the natural oil content found on the face so it is not recommended for owners of dry skin.

Spray Face Mist

Another way to treat dry skin is to always provide a mist face that is suitable for dry skin. Face mist can be a practical choice when your skin needs more hydration and makes a fresh face instantly. Small and fine granules can be easily absorbed by the pores of the facial skin. In addition, some types of face mist also have the ability to soothing or calm your troubled skin. For owners of sensitive skin, you should avoid face mist containing fragrances or fragrance.