7 Types of Stylish Women’s Shoes

Discussing women’s shoes will never end. There are many types of shoes that continue to appear from year to year. The many choices make women free to choose which they like and can be adapted to various needs. Materials, designs, and colors vary, so hungry eyes want to buy everything! To appear with an updated style, see the 10 latest types of women’s shoes, let’s!

As the name implies, peep toe shoes have a characteristic on the front that is open, thus showing a part of the wearer’s toes. While the back of the shoe closed like other shoes. Peep toe has high heels that will make the wearer look level and sexy. These shoes can be worn for activities that are formal or informal, and can be combined with various types of clothing.

Flat Shoes

The simple and comfortable shape makes flat shoes one of the favorites of many women. Flat shoes have very thin soles so they are lightweight and make the wearer move freely. These practical shoes are also easy to combine with any type of clothing model, want casual to formal, all look match. There are many variants that you can choose and adapt to your taste.


The wedges shoe model has large high heels, blends with the sole of the shoe, and is parallel to the floor. This type can be chosen for those of you who are not used to wearing high heels but want to look taller. The same size of heels from front to back makes the wearer more balanced and can move stably. Wedges shoes can be used for casual or even formal events.

Pump Shoes

Pump shoes are women’s shoes that are designed with high heels and a rounded front. You can match these shoes with various types of clothes. You can wear pump shoes for formal events, such as going to the office or attending a wedding. By wearing these shoes, you will look feminine and sexy.

Statement Heels

Statement heels actually have models and variations in shapes similar to other heels. The thing that distinguishes and characterizes this type of women’s shoes is the ornaments, colors, and motifs that tend to be attractive. For example, animal print or geometric motifs with colorful colors, so it looks interesting. You can wear statement heels to attend parties or even for casual events.


Want to look edgy? Try wearing boots! There are several types of women’s boots that are commonly used, including ankle boots and flat boots. Ankle boots have a closed to ankle design, while flat boots are flat without rights. Usually these two types of boots are made of leather or suede which if used makes the woman’s legs look taller. There are also high-to-calf boots. Of course the choice is in your hands, which one suits your personality and taste.


Want to know women’s shoes that are trendy and suitable for all situations? Sneakers is the answer! These shoes can be used in any situation, both casual and formal. You just have to choose the design where for semi-formal events you should choose a simple color. Whereas unique patterned sneakers are more suitable for casual events, such as school or sightseeing.

Sneakers are always a mainstay for women who prefer a casual look and want to be more comfortable and free to move. Because now these shoes are being hit, there are many special designs for women who still want to look more sporty but still look cute.

Sport Shoes

Sport shoes are intended for sports activities. Even so, with the design that is more attractive and varied, making these shoes can also be worn for daily activities. You can combine it with casual clothes, such as jeans, T-shirts, or blouses. Choose sport shoes that have lightweight soles and comfortable material to wear. For traveling, on campus or on a leisurely stroll, these shoes will always provide comfort while making you look trendy.