Cosmetics That Must Be Owned By Women

Not all girls like to dress up, but there is nothing wrong if you learn a little using makeup? Makeup is not always synonymous with feminine girls. No need to use complicated cosmetics, because now there are many practical makeup tools!

This time, I want to share tips with you about cosmetics that women must have?

BB Cream

BB cream (blemish base) is a practical product! Only with BB cream, we have got the advantages of moisturizers, foundation, skin care and protection from UV rays. The light and soft texture will not make us look like we want to show or go to the room, so this is suitable for college.

What must be remembered is when choosing a color number that is suitable for our skin. If the color is too young, we will look like wearing thick powder. If it’s too old, we will look like tanning failed!

Eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencils can make your face different, you know! There are so many ways to use an eyebrow pencil, and don’t be afraid of being too thick! You just have to make a “little line” to fill between the empty eyebrow hair, then just brush using an eyebrow brush. Just follow your original eyebrow form, if you want to experiment, you can also find the tutorial on the internet. Choose the same color as the roots of your eyebrow hair, such as dark brown or black suitable for Asian colors.

Bronzer or blush

Bright cheeks can add to women’s attractiveness. No need to be too thick, just wipe a few times on the cheek. To make it easier, the way to use it is to poke your lips, there you can see your cheekbones, then rub the cheeks up and down again to approach the ears.


The function of mascara is to flex and give volume to the lashes. The way to use it is very easy, just point the mascara into the lashes like brushing your teeth, from the roots to the ends, and left right to remove the mascara that is lumpy.


Eyes that look sharp can attract everyone to glance at us many times! Eyeliner also helps those of us who have asymmetrical or large eyes next to them.

How to use eyeliner variously. There are only thin ones to frame the eyes, until thick it comes out to impress cool. The use of eyeliner can be adjusted to where and when we want to go out. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color eyeliner if you dare, like blue, yellow or red!

Lip balm or lip butter

To maintain lip health and moisture, use lip balm and lip butter. Don’t want to ‘have already bought expensive chips with good colors, ehh … when we use our lips crack and dry all! Not good!

Therefore, applying lip balm and lip butter before using lip tint or lipstick is recommended! Lip balm can be used when we go to college, because some types of lip balm have color even though they are not striking.

Lipstick or lip tint

Lip tint is a type of lip dye, but the texture is liquid and not shiny. If you use lip tint the color will blend with the lips so that it looks more natural. But for formal use it is recommended to use lipstick to make the colors more visible and striking.