How to Treat Canker Sores

Sprue is a small, shallow and painful wound that appears on the soft tissues in the mouth, at the base of the gums, under the tongue, or along the side of the oral cavity. Sprue is often referred to as aphthous ulcer, aphthous stomatitis, canker sores, or mouth ulcer. Sprue can appear only one or several fruits at a time, but canker sores are not contagious.

The most common causes of canker sores are weakened body resistance, lack of vitamin B12 and / or folic acid, and certain bacterial or viral infections. Sometimes, changes in body hormones such as during menstruation or pregnancy can also cause canker sores to appear.

In some cases, trauma to the oral soft tissues can cause canker sores. For example, when the tongue or lips are bitten when chewing food, the tongue is scratched by sharp food such as chips, or when you brush your teeth too hard to hurt the gums.


Honey is one of the choices of natural thrush drugs that are quite effective. The method is simply by applying honey over the canker sores.

Reported from Prevention, honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can help reduce pain while accelerating the process of recovery of canker sores. The conclusion was obtained from a study from Saudi Arabia on 94 participants who routinely applied honey to canker sores in their mouths for four consecutive days.

Salt Water

Gargling with salt water for about 1-2 minutes can relieve canker sores without medication. Salt has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to prevent your canker sores from getting worse. Salt also helps speed up the healing process of canker sores. Aside from being a natural thrush drug, salt is useful for preventing infections in the mouth.

To make salt water solution, just add one half teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. Mix well and rinse the water in the mouth. Don’t swallow. Immediately discard after finishing and rinse with drinking water. Repeat gargling salt water several times a day until canker sores appear deflated.


Coconut is believed to be able to become a thrush drug on the tongue or on the lips. Coconut works to prevent inflammation of the wound getting worse while reducing the pain caused by canker sores. Coconut is also believed to help soothe body temperature, which in some cases causes canker sores.

How to use coconut as a medicine for natural thrush is actually quite easy. Mix honey with coconut milk or coconut oil, then apply the mixture to your mouth ulcer. Repeat 3-4 times a day, until the thrush begins to appear deflated.

Ice Cubes

Within a few days, canker sores on the tongue can swell and feel painful. In order for thrush to quickly collapse and heal, you can compress the tongue with ice cubes wrapped in a soft cloth. The cool taste of ice cubes can be a natural thrush medication that relieves pain. If it is difficult, use the ice cube on the part of the mouth that is thrush until it completely melts in the mouth.

Aloe Vera

One canker sores on the tongue can make your entire mouth feel uncomfortable and hot. For that, prepare the original aloe vera leaves and wash thoroughly as a thrush medication on the tongue. Then, apply the gum or aloe vera meat to taste directly on your thrush. Leave it for several hours and repeat two to three times a day. Aloe vera is effective for removing canker sores on the tongue because of its function as a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Avoid acidic foods

Acidic foods can worsen inflammation and cause damage to the body’s soft tissue surface. So, limit the portion of your acidic food for a while. Replace it with green vegetables that taste neutral or sweet, milk, coconut water, and tea. The choice of food and drink is not acidic so it is safe for your canker sores.